8-Feet-Long Potato Mascot Becomes the Special Guest at a P.I.E Couple Wedding

Tate the tater, the famous P.I.E potato brand mascot, recently appeared at a wedding that took place on 27th August.

Earlier this mascot has graced many occasions but as far as a wedding is concerned, it was his first time to attend a nuptial ceremony.

The couple, Matthew and Amy Ramsey got this idea of inviting this mascot since Amy believed it would be a good enjoyment for the kids at the party. They made sure to keep the name of this special guest a secret so that the other invitees would get a real surprise.

Although Mr. and Mrs. Ramseys home is in Cascumpec, their wedding took place in western P.E.I that too in a traditional Island style.

Mathew, being a potato farmer thought Tate would be an ideal option as the surprise guest since it goes well with his profession and the location of Fox Island where the wedding took place.

As expected, Tate had instantly won hearts of all, regardless of their ages. Not only people found it amusing but they made sure to have a lot of pictures with him.

According to the marketing director of the P.E.I potato brand, Kendra Mills, all the pictures looked amazing, although she had apprehended that bride and groom might choose a certain tuxedo for the mascot but it turned out that Tate made his appearance without any special dress code. He was a quick hit amidst all as people love such funny stuff.