Mystery wedding ring owner found

Burton Udinsky, now 90, believed that fate was at work previous week when he hinged upon the news of a “mystery wedding ring” which had been found a year earlier at the Garibaldi Restaurant in downtown Savannah.

Reports suggest that employees had been attempting to find the owner of the ring to no avail.  Then a few weeks back they noticed a letter inside the marriage ring that reads “I’ll always love you, Sylvia.”
Burton readily knew that the search for the owner was immediately over as it was his ring. The he told his son and told that it was his ring. He used to sport the ring each and every day since his wedding day in May of 1948. Previous year, the ring at Garibaldi for New Year’s Eve but he never thought that is where he lost wedding ring. After that, when he understood it was gone he told that they looked around the house and did not see it and he knew that it was gone forever.
When he saw the news, things moved quite fast. They gave a call to the restaurant and talked to the employee who has been quite instrumental in the whole search process. A few days ago, the ring was given back to them.
He told that the ring was his most important possession. His wife Sylvia passed away around 18 months ago. David Udinsky, his son, told that to get that ring back probably means more to his father than anything else.