Nikki Gil revealed her lovely “gift” for her fiancé BJ Albert on their marriage day

In a chat with ABS-CBN’s late night show “Aquino and Abunda Tonight” earlier on Monday, Gil was asked what her most previous gift was. Abunda asked her “What is your most previous gift for BJ,” And Kris Aquino further added on the day that you work down that aisle, and for that night.

Nikki Gil said that obviously, whatever you are thinking, it is that. I know what it is. She further added that more importantly, the promise to raise to raise God-fearing children and create a loving family. The actress-singer told that she and BJ are not hatching a plan to raise kids just after their marriage.

She told that not immediately. Nikki Gil’s vow not to indulge in pre-marital sex earlier made headlines following her breakup with Billy Crawford in 2013.  She replied that everyone knows that also made fun of that, when she was questioned if her boyfriend knows regarding her no-sex-before-wedding vow in an interview previous year.
It was just earlier this year when Nikki Gil stated that her engagement to BJ. They will plan to tie the knot in the last quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, Tucker and his beloved Amanda Bass got married earlier on Saturday at the Ma Maison in Dripping Springs, in Texas, just an hour outside of Austin. It appeared that they had a great ceremony. Reports suggest that Tucker was quite emotional.