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Katie Couric’s wedding

Katie Couric has stated that she is holding her marriage plans on a very low key side. She has stated that her lover is the one who is taking care of all the planning and it would be limited to close friends and family members. There would be a small dinner in New York, revealed the talk show host at the Sundance Film Festival.

This wedding would be the 2nd for both of them, as Molner is divorced from his earlier wife Jane. On the other hand, Couric lost her 1st husband Jay Monahan. He dies of a colon cancer in the year 1998. The ex host of Today Show revealed her engagement news to her boyfriend of 2 years during the Labor Day Weekend. In September, she joyfully showed the engagement ring on morning shows, but they the whole formal planning procedure was kept on hold because of some of her career developments in the last few months.

Her eponymous talk show was called off after 2 seasons. Now, she has been brought up as Yahoo!’s ‘Global Anchor’. The change led to a pay cut, as her deal with ABC for her chat show was figured to be approximately $ 20million each season and now she would earn $ 6million through Yahoo deal, but the work is anticipated to be part time. Katie Couric has also showed her interest to work in more documentary films,. She says that films are substituting journalism in some cases.

Police interrupt wedding ceremony in Kenya

A marriage ceremony became a farce when police personnel invaded the ceremony in Butula, looking for a stolen cow. The yokelish intrusion sent the friends, family and relatives scampering for safety entrusting the bridal pair with egg on their face.

The police came at the venue asking to see the pair. In the ensuing reference, it came out that the cow which guests were looking to feast on had actually been stolen, and police personnel had come to confirm the allegations. Without much talk, the police stated that they had not reached the place to settle the problem. All they wanted was to see the hooves and the head of the slaughtered cattle before reaching to any decision.

The head of the operation stated that they have been told that the cow that was slaughtered here is a stolen one that we have been looking for.  They would like to see the head and the hooves to confirm the allegations of the owner.

Then, the pair obliged and showed the police personnel where they had slaughtered the cattle. The couple told that there is the head of the cow that they slaughtered and here are the hooves, you can verify. They told that they bought the cow in the market because they anticipated several guests.

When the cattle owner, who was in the police car, came to check at the venue, and he confirmed that hooves and the head belonged to his cattle, spelling doom to the wedding celebrations.

Snooki tries on wedding attire

“We’re back!” this is how Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi started the trailer of MTV’s Snooki & JWoww’s season three that premieres on 22nd October. The minute and a half show features the adventures of ex Jersey Shore stars as well as their fiancés, Roger Mathews and Jionni LaValle.

Wedding plans for Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “JWoww” Farley appeared to be on track, as pint size star is even spotted in marriage attire. Later she added that she like her dress. Later she added – “How do I pee in this?”

Things appeared to be a bit less unruffled for Jenni “JWoww” Farley, who makes a date for her and Roger to see a therapist. In the video clip, Farley told: ‘Fighting is a good thing because that means you’re in love and you’re very passionate,”

“So me and Roger must really be in love.”

Alan Bates collapsed when he addressed the guests. Thirty six year old Charlotte told that he stopped talking. He fell to the floor and there was just panicking and screaming. She got rushed out of the room by one of his best buddies and was sitting in the foyer.

She told that he did not know what was going on. She was just in stunned silence really. Invitees including an NHS worker as well as an off duty firefighter attempted to save Alan Bates before an ambulance came in

Belfast City Hall battles with undesirable role

Belfast City Hall is all set up to do a whole lot of things, but it is not set up to deal Bridezillas, Belfast City Councilors found out at Tuesday’s meeting. They listened from the City Manager Joe Slocum regarding how the city’s managing agent got over hundred phone calls as well as several emails from a bride-to-be and her mother who were organizing a marriage this year at Belfast Boathouse.

The facility, owned by the city, is located right on the harbor and it has been rented at different rates starting from US$ 75 for a half-day middle week rental to a non-profit agency to US$ 1850 for the whole weekend for non-resident as well as other big events.

Recently, the city has also dealt with a marriage party which brought in its own refrigeration gadgets to increase the small on-site kitchen that resulted in short circuiting the electricity to the whole building, as well as a different party which came in by boat and made its own gangway from water to Boathouse.

In his manager’s memo, Slocum wrote that it was a magnificent location, and everyone tries to make it so much more than what it really is. As a result, they have problems in operations and setup. They need to see and decide whether in the long term they could really offer this facility for rent and at the same time, accommodate the public’s need for both the use of Steamboat Landing on one side, and the beach, benches and parking access on the other.

Newly married couple’s house painted pink

A newly married pair were in for a real shock when they came back from their honeymoon to see that their house has been painted bright pink along with yellow polka dots. The wacky decoration job was a part of a revenge prank that was carried out by the brother of the groom.

Everyone knows Mr Blobby, who was pink along with yellow spots. It was was a very popular character on Saturday evening TV program Noel’s House Party, with Noel Edmonds, that ran on BBC One during the 1990s. 32 year old Russell O’Rourke spent 2 days working on the surprise of his brother’s house in Southend, England.

The plasterer told that he devised the colorful prank to take revenge at his brother for the marriage joke that he carried out on him when he was on honeymoon 6 years ago. He came back home to find that Steve, who is a builder, had made a brick wall across the driveway. Luckily the newly married couple have spotted the funny side, in spite admitting that their first reaction was pure shock.

When Steve, 32, and  Hayley, 31 arrived at home at 4 am on Sunday, they couple saw their house “glowing” pink, in spite the early hour. Hayley told that they had a feeling Russell might have done something because of the stunt Steve pulled, but they were not expecting anything on the outside of the house. They were quite horrified, but then they just laughed and had to see the funny side of it. She added that everyone seems to love it and is taking pictures. People think it is hilarious. The neighbors have told that it brightens up the street and they should keep it.

Katie Price serenades Kieran Hayler

Katie Price has revealed her love for her hubby Kieran Hayler by publicly serenading him with a love song. The smitten model posted a video of herself singing Save The Best For Last, a Vanessa Williams song, as a slide-show of lovely snaps from the couple’s marriage in the Bahama’s.

Thirty four year old Katie Price uploaded her version of the 1992 hit online previous night as a special treat for their rooters keen to see more of their wedding. She posted on twitter: “Right hope this works … hear me singing to @kieran0322 at our wedding and exclusive pics from our Bahamas wedding xxx.”

Katie did not disappoint with a almost 4 minute long, tear jerking rendition of slushy single which will have the frostiest hearts melting. Price and twenty five year old Kieran Hayer tied the knot first on a sun-shined beach on 16th January, i.e. just a month before stating that she was pregnant. Later, they also held another wedding ceremony in the United Kingdom near the end of March in a big star studded ceremony with their family and friends to celebrate their union.

Now this will be her 4th kid. She already the mother to Dwight Yorke’s 10 year old son Harvey and her she also had 2 kids with former husband Peter Andre Junior (7) and Princess (5). This is not the very first time when Katie Price has attempted singing. In the year 2006, she had hit the charts when her album named A Whole New World reached at number – 20 in the United Kingdom Albums Chart.